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Who Needs Words?

A little boy noticed that his elderly neighbour was sad and went to speak to her. He didn’t understand that the old woman had recently lost her husband but he did seem to discern that there was something wrong. When the old woman asked his mum if he could come into her garden for a while, it was agreed and the pair settled down on a bench together. Some time later the wee lad went home. ‘What did you talk about to Mrs Fraser?’ his mother asked. ‘We didn’t say anything,’ said he, quite matter-of-factly. ‘I just helped her cry.’

The Bible tells us that Job had gone through a terrible time. He had three ‘friends’ who thought their job was to grind him into the ground with words. Sometimes we don’t help because we don’t know what to say. Perhaps, like that little boy, we should say nothing, just be there. Better still, we can pray.

Take my arm and help me,

show me that you care.

Take my hand and lead me

to the place of prayer.

Don't beat me with the gospel,

don't thrash me with God's love,

don't dash my inept efforts to the ground.

Don't nit-pick through my thinking,

or tinker with my faith

to check if my experience is sound.


take my arm and help me,

show me that you care.


take my hand and lead me

to the place of prayer,

and you and I together

will find Jesus there.

Irene Howat


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