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The Friendship Book

Francis Gay has been finding the beauty in the ordinary day, the wonderful in the ordinary man and woman, and the modern meaning in great words of wisdom since 1939.

In his current incarnation, he is David McLaughlan of the Scottish Fellowship of Christian Writers.

The Friendship Book is a diary of inspiration, a book that has become a much-loved Scottish tradition.


1,000 Blessings
David McLaughlan

What do a thousand blessings look like? It looks like a life lived as God would have us live it--in praise and appreciation! This beautiful and inspiring journal is a real life list of the everyday ways God blesses us and includes prompts for you to write down your own everyday blessings. One Thousand Blessingsencourages you to live a life filled with gratitude and wonder at both the ordinary and extraordinary ways our Creator chooses to bless those He loves.

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