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The Ghost of Erraid

Fran Brady

In 1924, the Galways - Robert, Maggie, and their children, Liza and Gerry, 

become a lighthouse family on Erraid, a tiny causeway islet of the south tip of the Hebridean Isle of Mull. Frequently caught between her violent, abusive father and her gentle mother, Liza struggles to make sense of the local  schoolteacher's obsessive interest in Gerry. 


In the bleak but beautiful landscape, Jacobite history, Druidic myth and 

a 17th century shipwreck legend combine to create an unfolding drama

which escalates to a terrifying climax. 

You can see a short film of the stunning locations in the book @


The Edge of the Other World

Edmund Farrow

Magic, gods and treachery in ancient Scotland


The Roman legions are gone and the power of the druids is fading. Old gods must compete with the new ways of Christianity. Nothing can keep the tribes of Scotland from war. Beset by chaos, the kingdom of Dal Riata stands alone and a young prince must prove himself worthy to be king. Aided by a seer who can walk the many paths of the future and shape them to her own ends, he sets out in search of the legendary spear of justice. His quest leads all the way to the land of Faerie...

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