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We are delighted to list here websites for our members.  We can take no resposibility for the content of external sites but recommend that you take a look at these.

Renita Boyle


Renita Boyle has been described as ‘a remarkable storyteller – a powerball of imagination and inventiveness, who can keep young audiences spellbound and older listeners thinking.’ ~Norman Stone 1A Productions

Her repertoire includes stories that are rowdy and reflective, traditional and tall. She is particularly fond of moral tales and faith stories – personal and spiritual development. She is accredited in Godly Play and loves Messy Church. Her published titles include Parable Fun for Little Ones, Parachute Fun for Everyone and My Storytime Bible.


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Fran Brady 24.jpeg
Fran Brady

Fran  lives in a village near Edinburgh. She loves reading books, walking dogs, playing Scrabble, and keeping up with her large circle of family and friends. Born in Dundee, educated at St Andrews University, she spent years working in community/charity development. Her writing reflects her wide knowledge and deep love of her homeland, both its cities and its wild places.  In 2015, she founded Loch Lights, a Christian writing group which met monthly in-person until 2020. During the pandemic, the group began meeting online and gained several far-flung members, so it was decided to remain largely online with a couple of ‘real’ meetings a year. Loch Lights has now published seven anthologies of members’ writing. Interested visitors/new members are very welcome. (email for details: Fran was chair of SFCW from 2019 - 2022, through the strange and challenging years of the Covid pandemic.' email:


Rosemary Gemmell


My home is in a village on the west coast of Scotland, twenty minutes from beautiful Loch Lomond and thirty minutes from the centre of Glasgow. My surroundings often inspire my writing; both the countryside around my house, and the River Clyde which meanders alongside the M8.

Whenever the Waverley paddle steamer sails 'doon the watter' as of old, the backdrop of hills frames the view and paints a stunning scene.


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Heart Of The Matter


"Heart of the Matter", the Christian radio programme broadcasting to Midlothian and South Edinburgh on Black Diamond FM 107.8 FM on Sundays from 8.00 to 9.00 each week.  Also available worldwide on the Internet.


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Andrew G Hill


Hello, I am a writer and I also do supply work in schools. I have worked with children for over 30 years. I was a children/schools worker for the London City Mission and created many short stories as part of RE lessons and for holiday clubs. I'd describe myself as a kid in a adult body with a head full of stories. I love stories, reading them and making them up. I was happy to write stories as a hobby and as part of my work. With The Song of the Seraphim, my first novel, I decided to publish it and the response has encouraged me to continue the story, so I am currently writing the sequel. I am also writing a young children's picture book. The process of creating a story can be long and hard but extremely rewarding. The Song of the Seraphim was aimed at 9-14s but younger children and many adults have enjoyed it. I think that books should appeal to all ages and it's okay to read kid's books if you're an adult, so I don't like sticking an age tag on my book - if you can read it - then do so!



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Caroline Johnston


Caroline lives in Paisley with her husband and three teenage+ children. Her childhood love of creative writing was rekindled when a family friend's words encouraged her to pursue her dreams.

Caroline has two series:

Christian Young Adult novels - What If? and Why Not?

Christian Contemporary fiction - Raincoats & Sunglasses: Raincoats & Sunglasses, Snowboots & Sunglasses, Raincoats & Wedding Dresses (when you live in a culture obsessed with weather, you need to incorporate it into your books!)


Find out more at

Wendy H Jones


Wendy H. Jones grew up in the beautiful Scottish City of Dundee, Scotland. In a home full of books and with family who read extensively she developed a passion for reading early in life. Having read all the books in the local library by the age of ten, she entered into a spirited discussion with a librarian as to why she should be provided with an adult library card. Showing steely will, and determination, she won her battle and moved on to reading adult crime novels.

True to her adventurous side she joined the Royal Navy to undertake nurse training after leaving School. After six years in the Navy she joined the Army where she served for a further 17 years. This took her all over the world and fuelled her love for travel and visiting exotic lands. Postings to Hong Kong and Israel allowed her to travel extensively in the Far and Middle East.


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Carol Purves


It is said that everyone has a book in them.  To date Carol Purves has discharged four of her internal books.  Her main genre is Christian biographies.  What could be better;  most people are interested in people.  We like to know how they tick (or in these cases how they ‘ticked’), their successes are ours and their failings show our perceived superior wisdom.

Carol is a freelance writer, former teacher, secretary and member and former committee member of the Association of Christian Writers, (an orginazation which did most to set her on the path of being a writer.)  Living only 9 miles from the Scottish Border it was inevitable that she should join the Fellowship of Scottish Christian Writers, (though being a Sassenach she is in the minority in her membership).


Find out more at


Harry Hunter


Harry Hunter is the pen name of a retired academic who lives on the Ayrshire coast.


Harry and his wife are members of West Kilbride Parish Church where, among other things, they play guitar in the praise band.

Apart from being a keen classical guitarist, Harry enjoys hill walking and all things Spanish.


His first book, Taking The High Road, is a series of linked short stories about a lay reader who finds himself regularly embroiled in situations which combine his ministry with his ‘day job’. Harry’s second book, The Kilfinan Treasure, is a novella following on from the characters in Taking the High Road who find themselves at the centre of mysterious clues relating to their village. 


Harry's main literary device is the rhyming acrostic, and his collection has now been published as Faith Acrostics.

Find out more at 




I live in Scotland and work as a youth worker.  In my spare time I love music. I originally trained as a musician and still enjoy playing with various bands and orchestras.  

I also enjoy reading, writing, going to the theatre (especially musicals), walking in the country or by the sea and spending time with friends.

I’ve been blogging here since August 2015 and I’m enjoying the journey so far.

Life in the Spacious Place refers to a verse in the Bible- Psalm 18:19: He led me out into a spacious place; he rescued me because he delights in me-  and this blog is about exploring this spacious place and sharing what God is teaching me.

I write on various topics connected with God and faith.  I love to explore questions of faith, dig deeper into the Bible, share book reviews and, above all, encourage people that, whatever their circumstances, there is always hope to be found in God.

Thanks for joining me and I look forward to exploring the spacious place together!

Click Lesley's picture for a link to the blog.

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