The History of the Fellowship


The Scottish Fellowship of Christian Writers began in May 1980 when (the late) Rev Alex Russell decided that Manchester and London were far too far away to make regular attendance at the Association of Christian Writers’ meetings a viable proposition. It occurred to him that there might be other writers and aspiring writers in Scotland who would appreciate such a meeting north of the border. Using the FCW address list as his starting point, Alex identified six members in Scotland and wrote to them asking if they would be interested in starting a Christian Writers’ Fellowship group in Scotland. All six were excited at the prospect and pledged their support. Having obtained the blessing of the Fellowship of Christian Writers, the Scottish branch was born. At first it had an association with the parent body in England but it soon became an independent entity with Alex Russell as Chairman.


Only one of the six original members was a published author. Jenny Robertson, who wrote children’s fiction for Scripture Union was also a gifted poet and speaker. With her as encourager and mentor, the Scottish Fellowship of Christian Writers got off to a respectable start using the hall of Bristo Baptist Church in Edinburgh for its meetings. The early Fellowship established the pattern of meetings that continues today of having conferences twice a year, in May and November. At first two speakers were invited to each conference but very soon it became clear that one speaker in the morning session and workshops in the afternoon allowed members to put into practice a little of what they learned during the first part of the day.


Over its history the Fellowship has grown from its original six members to over a hundred. It covers the length and breadth of Scotland and beyond, Membership extends from Shetland in the north to Wigtown in the south, from Lewis in the west to Aberdeen in the east, with members in Ireland, England and abroad.  A good number have had books published, many have sent their poems, articles, stories, thoughts for the week and meditations in print and several who belong to the Fellowship have self-publications to their credit.


From its small beginnings in 1980 the Scottish fellowship of Christian Writers has grown into a large body of writers and aspiring writers who support each other in prayer and who encourage each other in practice.


Taken from The Scottish Fellowship of Christian Writers     A brief history from its beginning.

SFCW Committee


Fran Brady-

Fran lives in West Lothian, although like many in the Fellowship she has ties to Dundee (born and brought up there). She worked in the voluntary sector for much of her career. Now she concentrates on writing novels with a strong sense of time and place: The Ball Game, set in St Andrews University in the 1960s, A Good Time for Miracles set in 1950s Fife and The Ghost of Erraid set in the 1920s on the Isle of Mull.  She also writes short stories, memoir pieces and spiritual poetry.

 She started a Christian writing group in 2015 and it is flourishing, having had over 30 meetings and published two anthologies. It meets in Linlithgow on a Monday afternoon, once a month. It is called The Loch Lights and interested visitors / new members are always made very welcome. Email Fran for details:


Committe Member:

Lynda Samuel-

Lynda lives in Dundee with her husband Raj, but also spends several months a year in India.

Before retirement, Lynda worked as an Educational Psychologist.

She has written a book called 'The Wonder of God's Providence in the Life of Harry D'Monte', the testimony of a man Lynda met in India.



Liz Greig-

Liz lives in the South Side of Glasgow.

She worked in Pakistan as a nurse/midwife/church worker and was a distant member of the SFCW for 25 years or so. 

On relocating home to Scotland Liz was invited to be Secretary, a role which she really enjoys.  She is currently doing a Masters in Contemporary Missiology and so her current writing is made up of essays and dissertation preparation for that.

Committee Member:

Sandra Bain-

Sandra grew up in Tore, in the Black Isle. She is a graduate of Aberdeen University and after teaching in Perth and in Peru she returned to her roots.  When she took early retirement from Invergordon Academy in 1997 she began to write more seriously and had some articles published. In 2005 she published a history of her local primary school. Sandra is a member of Ross-shire Writers – a group which meets weekly in Dingwall –  and led the editorial team for their first two anthologies. In 2008 she became the WordWise editor, until 2015 when she became competition secretary.

Membership Secretary & Treasurer:

Ian McGregor-

Ian lives in the South Side of Glasgow with his wife Carole.

He works as an accountant.

Ian's book Pointing At the Pachyderms is a book of lyrics, and has one of the best book covers you'll see!

Social Media & Website:

David McLaughlan-

David lives in Kilwinning in Ayrshire. He writes as Francis Gay in the Sunday Post and has a dozen devotional books out in the American market. He also has a book published in Korean - which he can't even read!

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