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Raincoats & Sunglasses

Caroline Johnston

In Glasgow’s autumnal sunshine Raincoats & Sunglasses are everywhere…

Kirsty wraps herself in her Raincoat & Sunglasses, blending in to the crowd. As yet another failed relationship crashes down around her, she wonders if true love does exist. But just when it all seems hopeless a new work project and a new hairdresser have her dreaming about love again.

Jennifer throws on her Raincoat & Sunglasses as she races to the school gates. But as her youngest daughter starts school her world suddenly seems empty. Where has her purpose gone? More to the point, where is her joy? As she picks up her paintbrush, she glimpses the possibility of a new career path.  Will a new purpose restore her joy?

Paul can’t understand women’s fascination with bland Raincoats & Sunglasses. He also can’t understand why he’s feeling so unsettled. Desperate to regain peace, he questions whether being a senior stylist at a prestigious salon is enough. But Paul has to deal with more than just questions about his career when a tall, beautiful woman walks into the salon in her Raincoat & Sunglasses.

Join Kirsty, Jennifer and Paul as their lives intertwine around faith and Raincoats & Sunglasses.


Snowboots & Sunglasses
Caroline Johnston

From Christmas in Scotland to skiing in the French Alps, it’s time for Snowboots & Sunglasses!

Jennifer’s December to-do list is getting out of control and her workaholic husband is working more hours than ever. Is her hope of becoming an interior designer only a fantasy? Or can glimpses of peace and a holiday in Snowboots & Sunglasses inspire her to pursue her dream?

Kirsty can’t imagine finding joy this Christmas. She’s plagued by panic attacks, anxious about her work and clueless about Paul. Her friends convince her that a ski holiday in the French Alps is the perfect distraction. But can she find love in Snowboots & Sunglasses, or will the hurts of the past crush her future joy?

Paul is full of hope for his new salon and a future with Kirsty. But when Kirsty doesn’t attend his salon opening, he knows something is wrong. As he learns about the love of Christmas, he realises he needs to change. But will the ski holiday give him the time he needs with Kirsty, or will circumstances conspire against them?

Join Jennifer, Kirsty and Paul in the next instalment of the Raincoats & Sunglasses series.


Raincoats & WeddingDresses
Caroline Johnston

A Hogmanay proposal, dress shopping, a spring wedding… it’s time to celebrate with Paul & Kirsty in Raincoats & WeddingDresses.

Paul is in unfamiliar territory. He’s never been in a long-term relationship before. And just after he pulls off the perfect proposal, disturbing news threatens his fledgling salon. Can he find joy in the midst of turmoil?

Kirsty’s dream wedding is in danger of being derailed by family fall-outs and Paul’s past. Can she be a peacemaker and achieve the resolutions she desperately needs?

Jennifer is loving life as an Interior Design student. But an unexpected test result has her questioning everything once again. As she learns to love God with all her heart, soul and mind, can she navigate this latest twist in her journey?

Join Kirsty, Jennifer and Paul for the final instalment in the Raincoats & Sunglasses series.

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Shades of Autumn
Caroline Johnston

Can the beauty and charm of the Scottish Highlands set her free from the lies of her past?

Lorna Campbell flees her abusive husband and her life in London for the refuge of Braid Hope, a Christian outdoor centre in the Scottish Highlands. When the owner’s family learns of her plight, her stay is extended, complete with a part-time job and a place to stay. But even surrounded by beauty, friendship and faith, memories of her marriage and fears of an unknown future plague her. Is her new life enough, or will her husband, with all his wealth and promises, lure her back?

Graeme McAlpine, outdoor enthusiast and owner of Braid Hope, has vowed never to fall for a guest again. But as soon as Lorna Campbell steps into the Centre, he knows he’s in trouble. He is increasingly drawn to his secretive new guest, and intent on getting to know her. When he finally discovers her story, he enters a heart-wrenching struggle that has repercussions for more than just himself. 

Amidst shades of autumn, can there be a happily ever after? Or will winter’s chill descend on shattered dreams?







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