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It's All About Jesus

Janice Andrews

A fresh approach to the Christmas story, beginning with the Old Testament prophets and the lineage of King David, before considering the chain of events leading up to and surrounding the birth of Christ in Bethlehem. With scripture references and parallels with current events, this forms an excellent advent meditation and insight into the faith of the real people through which God implemented His Divine masterplan.

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How Great is our God

Pat Lomax

In her second collection of thoughts, Bible verses and awe-inspiring photos, Pat Lomax encourages us to look at the vast magnificence and the exquisite detail of the world around us and to discover something new about our amazing creator God. Each Bible-based thought focuses on a different aspect of Gods character such as His creativity, His wisdom, His provision, His compassion, His protection, and His love. Pats thoughts and photos will encourage and uplift you, and inspire you to look again at Gods wonderful creation - a constant, magnificent reminder that our God is great! This is a truly beautiful book! I loved the way Pat used the creation to help us meet the Creator Himself. This exquisite book gave me enormous pleasure. Jennifer Rees Larcombe

From My Kitchen Window.jpg

From My Kitchen Window
Pat Lomax

During lockdown photography was mainly confined to what I could see from my kitchen windows or whatever I came across on the daily walk, but somehow I seemed to see even more than usual! I so enjoyed the whole process of watching, seeing and photographing some of God’s amazing creation then putting this book together — but also thinking of how hard Covid has been for many and the hope we have as Christians.

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Sunshine in the Shadows

Pat Lomax

This book of terrific photos, observations, daily thoughts, poems and prayers will uplift and encourage the reader. Pat Lomax began writing when she had M.E. - many blessings came to her at that time and she wants to encourage others. In her words‚ Just put your hand in His, trust Him now, trust Him for your future, and trust Him to lead you on in His time. He is faithful. TLM paperback, 64 pages

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