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Floods, Fire & Faith

Tricia Craib

Disasters can happen suddenly, anywhere and at any time. In this collection of stories six children survive the particular disaster they faced.  God helped each one of them through their difficult time and their faith grew as they learned to trust God.


Picture Books for 5-7s

Irene Howat

Lucy Lie-a-lot

Bobby Boast-a-lot

William Work-a-lot

Granny Grump-a-lot

Harry Help-a-lot

Lorna Look-a-lot


Children's Books

Irene Howat

On fire – Bible fires (not hell!)

Books ablaze – historic fires

God answers prayer for boys

God answers prayer for girls

100 Fascinating Bible facts


Mini Biographies

Irene Howat

Ten boys who changed the world

Ten girls who changed the world

Ten boys who used their talents

Ten girls who used their talents

Ten boys who didn’t give in

Ten girls who didn’t give in

Ten boys who made a difference

Ten girls who made a difference

Ten boys who made history

Ten girls who made history


Archie And The Enchanter

Alexander Weir

This is for 8 - 12 year olds. It takes place on Scotland's wild West Coast where Archie discovers an ancient and supernatural set of bagpipes. The magical bagpipes do impossible things. The music it makes is powerful. Through its music, history begins to change. It's not the bagpipes but the chanter that is supernatural (the chanter is the part of the bagpipe that the piper uses to make music). The chanter is probably more than 1,500 years old and yet looks brand new. The name 'chanter' comes from the word 'enchanter' - and 'enchant' is what it does. The origins of the enchanter are shrouded in mystery. It disappeared before the Jacobite risings of 1715 and 1745. Perhaps the Young Pretender, Bonnie Prince Charlie, would have won through if the Enchanter had been around. Then our hero, a scruffy little boy called Archie, found it, and this book is about what happened next. There are two lessons: music is more important than money (poor people have no money but in music they have a source of joy) and Scotland still some unfinished business as an independent nation.


Archie And The Dark Door Mystery

Alexander Weir

This is a story about a treasure hunt with an unusual twist. The Stuart treasure was lost and has never been found. Archie and his grandpa find themselves led step by step to the secret treasure chanber. It is set in a bleak and snow-bound location


The Honeysuckle Bird Cafe

Fran Brady

In a corner of the village there is a garden. In a corner of the garden there is a bird table, a little house-on-stilts. But this is no ordinary bird table. It is the world-famous Honeysuckle Bird Café.

  ‘World-famous?’ you scoff. ‘I’ve never heard of it.’

  Ah but, if you are reading this, you are probably a person and your world is the world of people. There is another world – a world where The Honeysuckle Bird Café is very well-known indeed . . .   

The Honeysuckle Bird Café is popular with all the birds because of the wonderful fare provided by Mrs Dressing-Gown. In this busy garden, there is never a dull moment but Tucker the dog helps Mrs D-G keep the peace.

It is spring and the nests are full of promise as hatching time draws near. The female birds are stuck in the nests, sitting on the eggs, growing restless and demanding. The male birds are worn out trying to keep them happy. 

This is a tale of silly, jealous and quarrelsome birds who need to be taught a lesson. You see, birds can be just like people . . .

A delightful whimsical book to read to children aged 5 – 9. Older children, aged 9 – 90, will enjoy reading it for themselves.

War Hero Bear.jpg

War Hero Bear

Jenny Robertson

When a tiny orphaned bear cub is adopted by Polish soldiers during World War II, little does anyone know that little Wojtek will become one of the bravest fighters of them all. As the soldiers train to take part in some of the fiercest fighting of the war, Wojtek grows up, providing headaches and laughter in equal measure as he learns to drink beer, chase horses and wrestle with his human friends. But at Monte Cassino, as the Allies try and dislodge German troops from their mountain-top eyrie, Wojtek, now a fully signed-up solider with his own rank and number, comes into his own, dodging the bullets to carry ammunition to his comrades as they inch their way to victory. After the war, the Polish solders move to Scotland. Wojtek comes too and soon becomes the centre of attention in a new country. But with hostilities ended, how long can he keep his freedom? Best-selling children's author Jenny Robertson explores the themes of friendship and trust in this moving and inspirational story.


Kenneth Steven

A beautiful story about ten-year-old Douglas who has recently lost his mother to cancer. The boy and his father haven’t been able to communicate since her death, and the house is a place of sadness. One day Douglas finds an injured Greylag goose and so begins their mission to nurse the bird, and themselves, back to health. As father and son work together and start talking together again, they discover much more about Douglas’ mother than they ever knew before and connect with each other on a deeper level. The story deals with bereavement, school bullies, father-son connection, and the enormously healing power of nature and art. Illustrated with gorgeous drawings throughout, this is a story that will stay with you even after you close the book.

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The Wolves of War
Jenny Robertson

War tears Halina’s family apart. Resistance brings danger – but then she faces her hardest choice. She must brave enemy gunfire and search for her lost sister.
1st September 1939. It’s HALINA BANEK’S tenth birthday and as she opens her presents she hears terrible news: Poland is under attack. Halina’s Chronicle records life under enemy occupation, along with acts of resistance, the heartbeat of the narrative.
Her brother is imprisoned. Will the Romany prophecy bring him freedom? Terror increases. Halina’s father is shot, her mother and sister are deported. Halina rescues a hunted child and her enemy unexpectedly becomes a friend. The tides of war bring the Red Army. Halina must escape into German occupied Poland to seek her mother and sister where a dove of peace brings her hope.
This family adventure story is based on historical facts and reveals aspects of the Second World War which are still little known.

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