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by Irene Howat

From whitewashed stairs to heaven (Maureen McKenna)

My beloved Russia (Dimitry Mustafin)

In strength not our own (Georgie Orme)

An irregular candidate (Jackie Ross)

A housewife’s adventure with God (Jessie McFarlane)

Miracles from Mayhem (May Nicolson and Preshal book 1)

More Miracles from Mayhem (May Nicholson and Preshal book 2)

Renewing broken lives (May Nicholson and Preshal book 3)

From Corsets to Communism.jpg

From Corsets to Communism
Jenny Robertson

‘I had only one eye, I was hungry and cold, yet I wanted to live… so that I could tell it all just as I’ve told you.’ - From Zofia Nalkowska’s Medallions (1947).

Witness to two world wars and Poland’s struggle for independence, Zofia Nalkowska’s commitment to recording all is her gift to European literature. Her own story of love affairs, family loyalty and survival is remarkable in itself. Yet, her determination to record others’ truth, however painful, ties her fate to a nation whose battle for identity is both brutal and romantic. Her most renowned work, Medallions, a collection of short stories, exposes and restores dignity to people reduced, through Nazi occupation, to burnt out ghettos and guillotined heads heaped ‘like potatoes’. In contrast, as a keen and visionary observer of beauty, Nalkowska is innovative in exploring motherhood’s psychological imprint and the blurred boundaries of male and female relationships. Drawing on her own background as a poet and Polish Studies graduate, Jenny’s Robertson’s literary biography celebrates the achievements of a pioneering writer whose love of life not only propelled her to fame, but gave her the courage to witness atrocity. In doing so, Nalkowska’s life and writing reflect and inform Europe's cultural heritage.

Gladys Aylward.jpg

Gladys Aylward
Carol Purves

This is the story of Gladys Aylward, a missionary to China in the 1930’s and the 1940’s.  Immortalised through the film The Inn of the Sixth Happiness starring Ingrid Bergman.  Gladys set out to China alone, trusting in God to supply all her needs. Her call was to China alone, no other country of service would do for her.

Often her life was in danger. She received a bullet wound to her shoulder while fleeing Japanese soldier. She encountered wolves in the forest in Siberia, fortunately she only heard them, she did not see them.

Nearly a hundred children were led by her across the mountains to safety, while she was the only adult to guide them. Her story eventually became known world-wide as she lectured in many English speaking countries. Being only five foot tall was no hinderance to her determined nature.

From Jute to Jungle.jpg

From Jute to Jungle
Carol Purves

This is the story of Mary Slessor who was a young factory worker in a jute mill in Dundee and went on to become a missionary in the jungle of Calabar, West Nigeria.  On the way she faced physical hardship and danger. Cannibalism was still practised by the natives, who were not happy to have a Western woman that the practise was against a Christian religion. When twin babies were  born, they were also killed and this was probably the practise which upset Mary most.

Mary’s meeting with the African tribesmen was a clash of cultures which he was determined to battle with. Often her life was in danger, when all she could rely on was her faith.  It took her whole life and her health and strength to have an impact

We have just been able to celebrate the centenary of the death of this fiery missionary. Dundee is justly proud to number her among their heroes.

From Prussia with Love.jpg

From Prussia with Love
Carol Purves

This is the story of George Muller, who was a Prussian called by God to London, the West Country and finally to Bristol. As he rescued thousands of children from the dangers and degradation of the slums, he was able to build five large dwellings for them high above the pollution of the city. In doing all this he relied solely on God for all their needs. There were no fund raising efforts so popular today, just prayer.

This book was written to commemorate the 200th anniversary of his death. Today the work has diversified into caring for old people and families in local churches with many needs. The principle is the same, God will provide.

Amazonian Missionary.jpg

Amazonian Missionary
Carol Purves

This exciting story was suggested to the author by Dr Edward Short. Edward remembers walking with Harold among the Mendips after this great man had left the Amazon and was becoming well known in the American evangelist world.

As Harold had so many adventures in his life, it seems a pity that they should sink into obscurity. Today we can be inspired by his courage in the Amazon to go where white man had not been before and endanger his life for his Lord. In the days of Harold the Amazon was largely unexplored and many dangers lurked. There is no doubt that his endeavours had a lasting legacy.

Harold was then faithful in evangelising in the area now known as the West Indies. There must be many today who have been influenced by his message and whose lives have been turned about.

The prayer is that there will be others who will continue in his footsteps in the many and varied parts of the world where the Lord calls them today. Different circumstances, same message.

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