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Over the last twenty years I’ve had four books published, books about Christian missionaries. I’ve also had a few articles and stories printed. As I’ve got older I’ve become a lot less prolific but I believe once a writer, always a writer. Fortunately, I still sometimes appear in print, though payment these days is rarer.; not many writers become rich.

I’ve been thrilled to have new business cars printed, where below my name are the words ‘freelance writer.’ Not everyone seems to know what those words mean. I explain to people that sometimes I get paid and sometimes I don’t. When I explain I’ve written some books their eyes light up, they probably think I write for Mills and Boon. (not as easy as it sounds) Recently I explained to a neighbour ‘My writing is mostly Christian.’ Oh, exclaimed one person, I won’t be reading them. Another reply was a meaningless ‘That’s nice.’

How have we got to this state! I want to shout if they read Christian writing, they will be life-saving words.

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