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Free Riches

We live in a society that yearns after beauty. The cosmetic industry earns trillions of pounds, as does the slimming trade and the designer clothes market. Children as young as primary school age are aware of what they see as their imperfections. There seems to be no end to those who will take our money in the effort to improve us. And much good they do.

There is a beauty that costs no money, an inner beauty that can be clothed in the most lined old face and in the most disabled or worn body. That beauty is real and more lasting than any other. Surface beauty is sometimes unreal and only a cover-up for inner ugliness.

In the same way there is beauty is God’s creation that even a Faberge egg can’t equal and it is freely available for all those who keep their eyes open.

Silver grey

Today there is

no horizon

no division

of sea and sky.

Their blue has gone

and where it was

is misty grey

and spun silver.

Gentle waves

are calm and quiet

and seem to move

with single mind.


they reach the shore

then sign, relax,

and are no more.

Written for the Scottish Fellowship of Christian Writers and used by kind permission.


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