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Autumn in spring

Every single year I am amazed when I see frail and fragile plants pushing themselves up through what seems to be rock-hard soil. You would think they would need to be tough as old boots to do that. But you just have to touch a crocus to be reminded what a delicate thing it is.

The Bible tells us how God created all things. It was on the third day of creation that he said, ‘Let the land produce vegetation, seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their kinds.’

Now, isn’t that interesting. Right at the very creation God made sure that the plants he made had seeds in them so securing their future right down to our day and beyond. In fact, on the third day God created autumn.

On the third day

On the third day God created autumn.

Plants and trees of the land he made,

by the word of his power, and each

bore seeds or fruits according to their kinds.

So God created autumn.

On the sixth day he looked at all he’d made:

sun and seas, animals and birds,

flowers, clouds, high mountains and mankind,

and all the different seasons of the year.

God saw that every one of them was good.

Plants and trees wore their brightest colours,

to celebrate the future of their kinds –

the autumns of tomorrow.

And then they held their breath,


as fruits lay on fertile ground,

as seeds fell on rich brown soil.

Then dropping their leaves gently as a blanket

they settled their future to sleep.

This blog was written by Irene Howat for the Scottish Fellowship of Christian Writers and is used by kind permission.


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