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An additional treat

A well-chosen book makes a lovely gift, whatever the occasion. And one that encloses a book mark is a special treat.

I’ll leave you to choose your gift books, but here are some book-mark ideas to lend that added touch. It’s a good way of recycling cards. Even Christmas cards are not all shepherds and decorated trees. A strip of card with a Scripture verse written on it, that can be read every time the book is opened, could be a source of real blessing over and over again.

Instead of a verse, you could write the name of the book and suggest the reader write a comment when finished reading it, and then leaving it in for the next reader. Now, that could be interesting! Or you could copy a poem and place it in the book or even write one.

‘Exploring!’ was written for my grandson when he was just discovering the joy of reading, a joy that has only increased with the years.


Have you ever had a good look

at a really good book?

Inside you might find a story

funny, magical or gory,

pictures – colourful and bright,

others ones in black and white.

Animals and birds might feature

or a dinosaural creature.

There are books of games to puzzle,

cakes to mix and bake and guzzle.

Many books are about rockets,

pockets, lockets, even sockets!

Some books are full of thrills and spills

for adventurous boys and girls.

If you think that books are boring

open one ….. and go exploring!

Written for the Scottish Fellowship of Christian Writers and used by kind permission.


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