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Did everyone get the Autumn edition of WordWise? Good!

Did you enjoy it? I’m glad.

Now what? Will you keep it safe? Bin it? Or will you pass it to a friend?

In our last committee meeting we reverted to childhood (a little), remembering the Where’s Wally books. They would have these amazingly crowded scenes, with a million-and-one things going one. And the point was to find Wally, in his distinctive red and white striped pullover, in amongst it all.

Why were we talking about Where’s Wally? Well, we were actually talking about ways WordWise could be passed around or left in places it might be re-read.

The photo shows Fran Brady’s copies, left in her local library. Who knows who might read them after her, or how the words within might speak to the heart of that person?

We would love it if you joined in with our “Where’s Wordy” idea. Send us photos your copy of WordWise and tell us where you left it.

Let’s be considerate to others if we do plan to leave the newsletter somewhere.

Either upload your photo to our Facebook page, post them to our editor (you'll find his details in the newsletter), or e-mail me at

If you just want to send a photo of the newsletter being read, we’d love that too. Remember to tell us where you are.

So… over to you. Where’s Wordy?

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