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The fellowship’s membership has stayed fairly static in recent years. Different ways have been tried to attract new members. Money has been spent on publicity and competitions, seeking to attract new writers, but…

Of course, as an organisation that isn’t trying to make a profit, money is always in short supply. However, there is another option; another way to bring new Christian writers into the fold. We can grow our own!

Each of us will (probably) be associated with a church in some way. Where better to find people who want to express their love of the Lord? Writing about faith (although we don’t only write about faith in the fellowship) has a long and glorious tradition to draw from, thanks in part to David, Solomon, and the Psalm writers, who expressed their experiences in poetry and song.

Sometime people just need a little nudge, a little encouragement, someone to say, “Let’s start a writing group.”

There will be people in the fellowship who can offer advice if you have any questions. Or, by setting up a group – even a tiny one – you might then be able to advise others.

How about it? Let’s increase our praise and enlarge our fellowship by encouraging new Christian writers. Are you in?

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