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I don't think we got any responses to our last Beatitudes-inspired writing prompt.

I should have expected that, though. It was "Blessed ar the meek" and I guess everyone was just too meek/humble to put themselves forward.

The next one should provide more to work with. It's a powerful thought. What it inspire in you?

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness: for they will be filled."

Because the screen doesn't lend itself to longer pieces, keep the stories to 300 words or less and the poems to a single, easily-readable page or less, and send them to me at or message me on Facebook. I will type them up on the fellowship's web-site and add a link on the Facebook page.

All copyright stays with the writers and we assume we have permission to display them on the Fellowship's web-site and Facebook page. When writing about real events, please change names and locations where necessary to protect privacy.

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