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I know Carlisle isn’t in Scotland – but we DO love our neighbours, and this delightful group sounds well worth a visit!

Carol Purves writes -

I am the facilitator of a writing group associated to The Association of Christian Writers. Although I live in Carlisle, 7% of our group come from Scotland (well, that's one member out of 15).

We meet on one Saturday afternoon every other month at 8 Lansdowne Crescent, Stanwix, Carlisle, CA3 9EW. Phone 01228 521992 for more information.

As members come from as far away as Lancaster in the south, St Bees in the west and Canonbie in the north, I lay on a light meal for any who want it. Then we commence the meeting proper at 2.30. After a devotion led by various members, we discuss books we have read during the last two months We then go through the alphabet, a new letter each month, to recommend authors whose first or second names begin with that letter. What fun that is!

We then present our 'homework' which we have on a given subject. Our last three subjects have been 'Frozen', 'Jewels' (in honour of having had 40 meetings) and 'The Heavens Declare.'

The talent in our group include two who have had auto-biographical and biographical books published, one member with two poetry collections, a great blogger and two who are or have been writers of sermons. Plus, others who are keeping their talents hidden.

We then finish with the obligatory tea and cake, good conversations and encouragement to those who are in need of it, in their relationships or health. I am not exaggerating when I say our meeting are a great blessing to us all. Do join a group near you if you can, or come to ours.

You would be most welcome!

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