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Faith is best expressed through our lives. But we can’t ignore the power of story-telling. The Gospel writers used it to great effect. Jesus was a story-teller par excellence. So, any place where believers meet and turn their faith-experiences into written words has to be worth knowing about.

If you know of any Christian writing groups please let us know and we will help bring them to a wider audience.

Let’s begin with…


The Loch Lights have been meeting as a writing group since 2015. They have a High Street meeting room (owned by St John’s Church). The address is 183 High St, Linlithgow, EH49 7EN. Parking is at the rear of the building.

Their next meeting is on Monday 22nd January, 2.15 to 4.14, and the theme involves imagining different endings to well-known fictional / Biblical / real-life events (in no more than 2,000 words of prose, or forty lines of poetry.)

But, don’t worry if you don’t have anything to read out at first, the group is a friendly, encouraging one and you can proceed at your own pace.

The group currently have two anthologies out; “Tapestry” and “Light on the Loch”.

For more information, or for copies of the anthologies, contact Fran Brady at

Or click on the image to go to Fran's web-site.

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