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First Steps in Theology

Having taught Sunday School children over decades it never ceased to amaze me how much I learned from them. They didn’t approach the Bible looking for difficulties. They didn’t try to understand what the mind of man can’t take in. Nor did they try to put God under a microscope to discover what he is made of.

To tell small children about Jesus stilling a storm by his word of power and to see their eyes shining with excitement is a joy not to be forgotten.

Today’s poem is a lesson in theology - child sized!


'Shhhh ... sit at peace,'

the command was whispered,

'and listen.'

'I've got fizzy feet,'

he whined church-quietly.

Pins and needles mean nothing

at four,

fizz does.

But listen he did

and deep teaching

a child can understand

stilled him.

God's Son Jesus

was a really truly boy -

and he knows

and remembers

what fizzy feet feel like.

Written for the Scottish Fellowship of Christian Writers and used by kind permission.


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