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Daffodils & Tulips

There are some daffodils already in bloom. Poor things! Even in rough weather the wind has them dancing in the most engaging way. They twist and turn, bending with the wind and bouncing upright again when it eases. Watching winter daffodils is like watching March hares. If you’ve ever seen them, I think you’ll know what I mean!

My mother used to wrap tulips in newspaper, put them back into their water-filled vase to keep them upright overnight and then unwrap them next morning. Some folk even wire them! Daffodils needed no such support. They are able to stand up for themselves.

To my eye daffodils and tulips are polar opposites and I can express that best in a poem.

regimental tulips

regimental tulips

stand to attention

guarding the honour

of spring


can hardly blow their trumpets

for cavorting in the wind

skirts barely decent

on-duty tulips

don’t stand easy

till retirement


weary of parade

they relax in blowsy shamelessness

but the daffodils

are not there to see them

they died . . .



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