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A Scottish cultural icon appeared at the recent Tidelines Book Festival! Or rather, his current incarnation did.

David McLaughlan has inherited the role of Francis Gay in The Sunday Post newspaper and the annual Friendship Book.

The original was version was a man of faith who not only talked the talk, but walked the walk - and then wrote about it, all in the most charming way.

Evidence of the effect he had came from the audience when one woman talked about giving her wedding dress to a woman who couldn't afford one after reading about her plight in the column. Someone talked of keeping a scrap-book of their favourite stories. One story in particular was kept in a purse until the purse's owner died. Now it lives in her dughter's purse.

The current incarnation, who hopes he also walks the walk of a faith-filled man, was glad to have people leave the talk smiling. One audience member was inspired to write a poem. Others donated to the foodbank. Someone took photos of the beauty all around and credited the talk with helping her see it.

The message that life is good, people are wonderful, and we are here to love one another, lives on.

Click on the image for the latest edition of The Friendship Book -

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