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Review: "Behind The Smiles," by Jane Fucella

Jane and Mike Fucella spent over 20 years as missionaries in Thailand. They lived in two rural locations and then in Bangkok. Since returning to the UK in 2012 Jane has written a book about their lives and experiences in Thailand.

Behind the Smiles is a collection of snapshot chapters, dealing with topics like learning languages, pets and wildlife, understanding and respecting the culture, beliefs and religious traditions, incorporating, them, if at all theologically possible, into Christian practice, medical emergencies, squaring up to the challenge of Thai food – its cooking, storage and choice of ingredients; and the delights and dangers of various modes of transport. Through it all shines Jane’s passionate and tender care for everyone she met and especially for those in her care, nursing and supporting men, women, children and whole families through the early days of HIV and Aids. Their’s was a holistic mission They took Jesus’ love to those in the direst need, demonstrating acceptance, forgiveness and hope, and often creating an open door to take the gospel through and into the lives of those they met. This fascinating account of life in Thailand - as Christian missionaries, as neighbours and friends, as husband and wife, as parents, as farmers, as medical experts, as survivors - will be a must-read . . .

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