Little Pearls by Margaret Malloy

A pearl begins with a little bit of grit!

It cannot be formed in any other way.

What gives these poems their enduring value, and in many cases, their beauty, is that they are the product of some inner pain, experienced or observed.

There is a deceptive simplicity about the, carefully, chosen words.

They read easily but many, I feel, have been costly to compose.

Thank you, Pearl, for the delightful pastoral gems in your collection but a personal thanks most of all, for the profound spiritual truths you offer to each of us who have known struggle as we sough Christ's peace.

Thank you for sharing your gift!

Rev Fred Booth

Pointing At The Pachyderms by Ian McGregor

Ian McGregor's Selected Lyrics, 1978-2013: Basically, the ones he hasn't misplaced - look out for the collected lyrics if he ever gets into that cupboard.

They're explained! Learn the stories behind the words! (at least the ones he can remember the meaning of - you're on your own for some of them).

Plus an introductory essay on lyrics generally.

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